HOUSE OF THE NOBLEMAN House of the Nobleman curates exhibitions which revitalise and create new possibilities for architectural landmarks and living spaces all over world. With bases in London, New York & Moscow, House of the Nobleman produces exhibitions throughout the year in conjunction with art world fairs and events such as Art Basel, Miami and the Venice Biennale. House of the Nobleman provides an established multidisciplinary platform for the artists we work with and has an international client base and professional network which supports the execution of these projects.

With an ambition to revitalise and create new possibilities for architectural landmarks normally closed to the public, House of the Nobleman transforms luxury residential and commercial properties into art exhibitions of scale and featuring works of historical importance. With different locations selected each year, House of the Nobleman creates intimate art events during art fairs for exhibiting and networking purposes, attracting visitors from within the art, media, fashion, real estate and business worlds.

Our work ranges in scope from large-scale curatorial projects and events to art and design sourcing for private and corporate clients, building brand awareness through art-related sponsorship as well as implementing art residencies and educational programming.

House of the Nobleman functions as a London-based art advisory and professional consulting practice supported by a global network of private collectors, galleries, artists and professional advisors. Our exhibition and event programming is global in scale with projects currently in development in London, New York, Miami and Venice.
Victoria Golembiovskaya In 2008 Victoria Golembiovskaya launched the RNA Foundation which acts as an international platform for over 30 Russian contemporary artists, both established and emerging. Adhering to the need for a more developed art education in Russia, RNA Foundation extends its support through international residencies and exchange programmes as well as studio facilities, courses and conferences through which promotion of new talent, international collaborations and exchange of knowledge is possible.

In 2010 Golembiovskaya launched House of the Nobleman which functions as a London-based art advisory and professional consulting practice. Traveling frequently between Russia and the West, Victoria Golembiovskaya has a valuable understanding of both cultures and art markets, with a critical distance that makes her engagement in any project an original contribution and her work a committed search for the most cutting-edge experiences of art.
Anastasyia Siro Anastasiya Siro established the New York branch of House of the Nobleman in 2011 and is quickly becoming a valued figure in the contemporary art world. Her dynamic and multifaceted approach to implementing curatorial projects combines her keen artistic aesthetic and eye for new talent with a fluency in connoisseurship. Recent curatorial projects include Logical Guesses (Driscoll Babcock Gallery, New York 2014), Breathless (Rush Arts Gallery, New York 2014), Noble White Party (Miami 2013), Paper Vernacular (Cutlog NY, New York 2013), The Oakes Twins: Lines of Sight (New York 2013), New Re-Visions (FRIEZE London, 2012), and Fresh Basel, in collaboration with The Hole Gallery (Art Basel, Miami Beach 2012). As an innovative curator Anastasiya expands upon the concept-driven approach to a hybrid appreciation of artistic expression that is a hallmark of House of the Nobleman’s global presence.
Katherine Kashtan Katherine Kashtan initially worked in marketing agencies, leading campaigns for top global brands. She worked on the client side at Philip Morris in Russia, leading the events team, and in her eight years of experience there she collaborated with renowned fashion brands such as Hermes, Tiffany & Co., DKNY and Prada. She has also worked in other industries. For example, she led the development of special edition, high tech, 3D outdoor prints as a part of the launch of BMW’s X6 in 2007. Since then, Katherine Kashtan has travelled widely and has worked directly with a variety of clients in a number of industries, from coordinating fashion events in Scandinavia to organizing a music festival of 60,000 attendees.

Currently, she works with her own network of over 300 professionals operating in creative industries all over the world. Katherine Kashtan develops ideas for modern marketing projects and professionally manages the creative implementation of strong operational strategies and cutting-edge visions. She has managed projects involving 50 people internally and 350 people externally (four world-wide agencies from three different countries) with a total budget of over $10 million.

Katherine Kashtan has a valuable understanding of different cultures and markets. As a result, she is sensitive to the specific needs of Russian markets and clients. She works with a critical distance which makes her contribution to any project very valuable. Katherine Kashtan has three degrees, is fluent in four languages and holds two MBA core certificates for brand management & marketing.
Kristin Sancken Kristin Sancken is a New York based writer, curator, and art consultant who facilitates cutting edge, themed-based projects highlighting emerging and established artists. Recently, Kristin has curated the 2012 selling exhibition Watercolors at Phillips de Pury & Co. in New York, a permanent collection for Diaspora Community Services in Brooklyn, as well as co-curated Paper Vernacular in conjunction with the House of the Nobleman and Cutlog NYCthat premiered during the 2013 Frieze art week. Additionally, she was on the juried panel for ArtConnects NY 2012 Affordable Art Exhibition. She is the editor of Fluence magazine, a contributing writer for Whitewall Magazine, Highbrow Magazine, as well as several other publications. Her essays on contemporary art have been featured in many major auction catalogs. Kristinholds an MA in Art Business from the Sotheby's Institute of Art in New YorkCity and a BFA in Historic Preservation from the Savannah College of Arts and Design.
Katerina Tesa Katerina Tesa studied Art Business, Advertising and Philosophy. She started working as a creative manager for an advertising agency based in Moscow. Joining the RNA foundation in 2008, Katerina Tesa was responsible for coordinating and promoting large-scale art events, for example, Alexander Ponomarev’s SubTiziano (collateral project for 53rd Venice Biennale), Moscow’s land art festival Archstoyanie curated by Oleg Kulik, Liturgy (during III Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art) and Vespers of the Blessed Virgin (54th Venice Biennale).

She has been with House of the Nobleman since its inception in 2010 and continues working as an exhibition manager, providing strong administration skills together with creative experience.